Every person has the ability to develop specialized characteristic or talent. These characteristics are as diverse as we are, and are dependent on genetics and our environment. Some people have specialized in one specific characteristic or talent, like a brilliant composer as Beethoven, or the ‘legendary’ sprinter Usain Bolt.

The human body is the ingenious tool that we all use to a certain extend in order to exert our talents. Equipped with sensitive sensors, discarded over our entire body, we are able to gain information about our location, what surrounds us and where we can go. With the muscles in the torso, arms and legs we are able to move in and interact with the world around us. The brain is the control-center where information gets stored and called into action, where movement is learned and initiated, where thinking-processes take place and we continually learn and gain insight.

NextGenPhysics has tasked itself with finding these aforementioned Key Components, to analyze and to put them to work in state-of-the-art training-programs and products.


The ability to consciously focus your awareness on one particular task, stimulus or cognitive process.


The ability to process, store, recall information, think, make decisions and act.

Sensory perception

The ability of the sensory system to detect stimuli and process them efficiently.

Motor development

The ability of the central nervous system and musculoskeletal system to make controlled movements, both gross and fine, to perform specific tasks.

Active joint mobility

The available range of motion of a joint to make controlled pain free articular movements.


The intake of sufficient nutrients (input) to deliver the desired performance (output).

Our Vision

Our service is all about empowerment of the client: we want to give the knowledge, insight and facilities to each of our clients to bring their performance to the next level. We emphasize the self-learning and analytic ability of the client, so that in the end, our clients can go on with their training¬† on their own with the path that we’ve shown them.

As ultimate goal we hope to inspire and mobilize an entire ‘new generation’ of people of this: The influence of analytic insight, knowledge and power of will is all that matters to find, develop and even create talent.

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